Anasayfaya Dön

General Information




 DESCRIPTION OF JOB: Student Affairs Directorate (Head of Department)


Fundamental Duties, Autorities and Responsibilities

* to represent the Department in-house and outside the organization,

* to carry out the duty of purschase autoritiy of the directorate,

* to ensure that the documents came to directorate be directed to  the relevant units,

* to organize the academic calendar,

* to ensure that decisions related to the teaching and education be implemented,

* to identify all kinds of the directorate’needs and to ensure that they are met,

* to make all kinds of operations done that belong to the movable properties of directorate,

* to prepare the strategic plan, annual reports and briefing’s file of directorate and present  

them  to higher administration,

* to ensure the implementation of the budget of directorate that have been legitimised,

* to ensure that the financial management and control of directorate are being made in compliance with legislation,

* to fulfill other duties assigned by the general secretariat and higher administration,

* to ensure that all correspondence and filing with the student affairs are made

* to program and tabulate their own activities and those of personel that are below in the hiarachy so that the activities identified as basic function can be carried out effectively, efficiently, affordablely and in a quality way,

*to try that routine works are connected to the forms, to simplify the works and to to deliver, them to the competent autority of the general secretariat,


Fundamental Duties, autorities and Responsibilities

* to unsure that the correspondence with units inside the university and the institutions outside the university is made in a propriate way and to controll them.  

* to ensure that the documents came to the directorate be transfered to the relevant departments,

* to ensure the coordination with the directorate and other academic units and directorates

in terms of the flow of paperwork and information,

* to organization the course records (the prepration of the processes, records’guidence),

* to make the organization of the correspondence of in-house, inter-institutional transfer and double major subjects,

* to arrange the organization of student quotas, ÖSYM, YÖK, intra-, inter-institutions and to ensure the necessary correspondences,

* to prepare the strategic plan, annual reports and briefings’ file of directorate,

* to identify the directorate’s needs for all kinds of maintenance and repair, cleaning, signage writing, printing and vehicle, to ensure that they are met by the intra-institution and units; to make correspondence related to foreign students coming from abroad and studying at their own expense,

* to give the correspondence to students who are about to graduate, and who graduated but whose certificate are not ready yet,

* to make students’ action for disciplinary to be processed in automation system

,and to make the necessary correspondence,

* to make the correspondence with Police Department, related to the requests made ​​by students about their passports wihout fee,

* to make the correspondence related to the forgiveness of the students,


DESCRIPTION OF JOBS: Document Distribution
Fundamental Duties, Autoritdies and Responsibilities

* to record incoming and outgoing documents,

* to distribute incoming and outgoing documents of the directorate,

* to carry out the tasks assigned to it in a way that workpower, time and materials can be saved, completely and in time,

* to protect and preserve movable and immovable property and the papers related to its position,


JOB DESCRIPTION: Graduation Works
Fundamental Duties, Autoriites and Responsibilities

* to prepare degree and to follow distribution process,

* to write the information of the graduate students in index,

* to write down any commentaries at the back of degrees because of missing, faulty information or that changes made later while preparing the degrees,

* to prepare the temporary documents instead of the degrees, when applications are made because of the loss of the degrees, an to issue the degrees second time,

* to give the required responses to the writings that came from  directorates or institutions about the alumni and students  in a writen way, by consulting with their supervisor,

*to give the required responses to the demans of petitions came from alumni or deregistered students by consulting with their supervise,

* to do other processes related to the alumni students and those students who have been deregistered,

* to carry out the tasks assigned to it completely and in the way that labor, time and materials can be saved,

* to protect and to preserve the papers, the movable and immovable properties, tied to its position,  

* to do the degree prepations and to follow up the distribution processes,

* to prepare the rating of the avarage graduation rate and to control it,

* to prepare the distribution process the prepared degrees and to ensure the delivery of them,

* to prepare the diploma supplement for graduates, check and to make the delivery, to follow the process of exmatriculations of the graduate students and those students whose registrations do not exist anymore, and to check their confirmation,

* to make the graduate students’ the final version of address information to be entered into the automation system and to ensure their updating,

* to make the approval photocopies of diplomas and diploma supplement "it is like the originals" for the graduates who demanded,

* to archive a copy of the diploma issued to be placed on the student's file,

* to prepare honors, high honors documents and to ensure that they are to be sent to the faculties and schools,


JOB DESCRIPTION: Mark Transactions
fundamental duties, autorities and responsibilities

* to control the decisions that have been passed in the faculty administration boards about the students in the automation,  and to ensure that a copy is taken into the students’ files,

* to check the the orientation schedule of the students whether they have conformity  with the education plans, and to control their entries in automation system,

* to follow the students' learning situations who came in the framework of the amnesty,

* to ensure that the list of examination are filed archived,

* to reveal which students are at the graduation state (with one-to-one comparison of the courses they have taken with the planes of the course curriculum of the department),

* to make the determination of the students who are in ratings at graduation,

* to examine the written and oral requests students sent and provide the responses needed,

* to notify the transcript records to the Youth and Sport Ministry Higher Education, General Directorate of Credits and Dormitories Institution,

* to ensure that graduation notification form of one lesson to be entered into the system,

* to put the horizontal and vertical transfer and so on and mark exemptions into the system,

* to submit the examination lists, and archive of them.


JOB DESCRIPTION: Students Transactions
Fundamental Duties, Autorities and Responsibilities

*  to make the necessary processes for the students who have fullfiled all requirments and ready to graduate,

* to make the necessary correspondence of the students who will be exmatriculated because of diffrent reasons, such as their won demand, transfer intra-extra-institutions,

* to controll the documents of the internships with that information of automation systems and to file,

* to do the procedures of the  military service,

* to make the registration of students who took the admision as the result of central system, and to provide their student ID cards,

* to make the application process of authentication hologram,

*  to monitor the eduation status of the students who received an orphan's pension from the Social Security Administration, and to make necassary correspondence with the Social Security Administration,

 * to request officially the papers of the students who came with the horizontal transition from the university where they came, to inform with the paperwork, and to prepare the required notification that it has been received,

* to control the files of the new registered students, and to to determine the additional quotas,

* to follow the statistical information, to arrange them and to ensure that they have been delivered to the relevant places,

* to compile the horizontal and vertical transfer quotas and to announce them on the website

at the time,

* to conduct transactions related scholarships, and to follow-up,

* to inform the relevant departments about the students quotas related to the internship,

* to set up an active record and the file system in the unit and, and to develop,

*to ensure that a academic calendar is prepared, reported to the relevant places and announced on web-pages,

* to put the registration announcements about the new students who will do their new enrollment in internet,  New Records relating to student records will be (recording location, date of registration, registration documents required for), and to ensure the realisation of the registration procedures,

* to inform OSYM directorate about the students who passed the exam of special abilities and did their enrollment,  

* to put the decisions into the system which were received about the lesson conformity of our students studying in the country with Farabi,

* to ensure the implementation of the Student Information System,

* to follow the course registration procedures related to lesson enrollments,

* to provide the technical support for Faculty / School / Institute users, Lecturers and Students about the system,

* to inform the Head of OSYM about the normal, additional and vertical transfer quotas,

* to ensure that the information forms, of the foreign students and of those students who newly registered, and who did horizontal or vertical transition, to be sent to the relevant authorities,

* to do the correspondence about the instruction changes,

* to carry out the processes of other students,

* to send the notifications, of the necasary answers in written form, to the petition demand came from the students,


Description of Duties: Foreign Students
Fundamental Duties, Autorities and Responsibilities

* to do the determination of quotas for foreign students and report to OSYM diretorate be,

* to announce the quota of foreign students on the web,

* to evaluate the application of foreign students, by doing the placement the results and to announce on the website,

* to detect the remaining empty quotas, to announce them and to replace

Students whose application is admitted,

* to ensure the lists of foreign students accepted to the University to the relevant

Faculty / Schools,

* to report the foreign students, who graduated, who are dismissed, who took his registration at his own request and who got permision to the relevant institution, to the relevant institutions and organizations,

* to prepare the statistics of foreign students

* to do all kinds of procedures that belong foreign students,


DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Works Purchasing and Accruals
Fundamental Duties, Autorities and Responsibilities

*to detect the needs of directorate to fill the appropriation fund form,

* to make correspondence for the required materials for purchase, to implement purchase by the commission established,

* to do receiving approval for the material bought and the amount of the material by the relevant committee, to put into the portable registration system, to arrange the payment paperwork,

* to do the distribution of the material bought within the unit accounding to the needs ,

* to report every kind of reports/receipts  of movable, consumption, in-output processing to the department of strategy development,

* to account the calculations such as travelling expenses, advance payment and so on,

* to do other works such as purschase and accruals,